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ByJames I. Robertson

Oct 6, 2022


“Social Distance” by Jeannine Romano. (Picture provided)

PARKERSBURG — Members of the West Virginia Watercolor Society will exhibit their paintings this month at WesBanco Bank.

The exhibition will feature the watercolor and oil talents of Linda Elmer, Deanna Gillum, Jane Callander Michael, Judy Reed, Martha Reynolds, Christine Rhodes and Jeannine Romano.

Elmer paints in watercolour, ink, acrylic and collage. She has been an artist for over 40 years with formal training from Fairmont State University and West Virginia University.

She has exhibited at Tamarack in the West Virginia juried exhibition, numerous West Virginia Watercolor Society juried exhibitions, the Seneca Trail Artists Guild juried exhibition, and juried exhibitions in Pennsylvania. She has received numerous awards for her painting.

“My medium is mainly water-based paint, but I also like drawing and collage. In these works, I explore my fascination with the West Virginia landscape and religious icons/collages. Intense color layers and composition are important to my landscape,” said Elmer.

WesBanco Bank’s October art exhibition features the work of seven artists and includes “Grist Mill at Babcock” by Linda Elmer. (Picture provided)

Gillum started out painting in oils and then moved on to watercolours. She has been working as an artist for about 60 years.

She studied in numerous watercolor workshops and adult education courses. She has exhibited her watercolors at Elkins, Buckhannon and Parkersburg where she received an honorable mention, first place and best show award.

« I like to paint flowers, landscapes, trees and people. I like bright colors, Gillum said.

she displays “Shades of Green” and “The Nightglow” on the WesBanco show.

Michael is a painter who started in childhood. His paintings in this exhibition are in oil.

“St. Mark’s Plaza” by Jane C. Michael. (Image provided)

A self-taught artist who has participated in educational workshops, Michael has exhibited in a solo exhibition in Morgantown, juried exhibitions of the Watercolor Society, the Wills Creek National Juried Exhibit in Cumberland and the Berkeley Arts Council National Juried Exhibit in Martinsburg.

“My father, Harry Callander, studied art at the Chicago Art Institute and his oil paintings were a big part of our home. I took art classes in high school and college, but my interest in science was dominant”, said Michael.

She studied watercolor with Peggy Isaack at Morgantown and studied independently.

“I draw inspiration from my travels, fascinated by both landscapes and seascapes. I love both oils and watercolors. said Michael.

Reed has been painting in watercolor and ink for over 30 years. Reed has exhibited her paintings with juried shows from the Watercolor Society, Morgantown Art Association, Parkersburg Art Center, Princeton Art Center, and Wheeling.

“Red Chair with Spiders and Snakes” by Christine Rhodes. (Picture provided)

She received awards in Best of Show, Merit, Excellence and Honorary.

“My interest in art started when I was a child with my father who was an artist and gave me a lot of encouragement and instruction. After college and teaching art for many many years I have painted in oils, acrylics and watercolours”, said Reed. “Later I focused on watercolor because I like the transparency of colors and the challenge of a ‘soft’ and ‘loose’ medium.”

Reynolds works in several mediums, including watercolour, glass painting and sand sculpture, bronze sculpture and mixed media. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art and additional college credits in Interior Design and Bronze Casting. Reynolds has exhibited with the Watercolor Society, Tamarack Best of West Virginia, Allied Artists of West Virginia, Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorator Shows, and several solo shows. Reynolds received awards in Best of Show, First Place for Bronze Sculpture and Watercolor.

“I enjoy being creative in multiple mediums and working in a style ranging from figurative to abstract to decorative. I strive for a lyrical quality in my work and want my watercolors to show the nature of the medium by having obvious brushwork and blending and bleeding of colors,” said Reynolds. “My subject matter will generally be elements of nature or figuration used to represent what I observe in my work.”

Rhodes is a lifelong artist and president of the West Virginia Watercolor Society. She works in watercolour, acrylic and mixed techniques. For this exhibition, she has included two of her recent oil paintings in addition to a watercolor. One of the main characteristics of watercolor is its transparency.

“If I Could See Under the Sea” by Martha Reynolds. (Picture provided)

His oil still lifes in this exhibition were painted seamlessly over a printed background for an unusual effect.

“My works range from pure abstraction to realism. Rocks and cairns are among my favorite subjects. I love the water media challenge with its versatility and sometimes unexpected results. I am sometimes satisfied to paint what I see, but often it is more rewarding to paint from my imagination and show the viewer something they have never seen before. Rhodes said.

She has exhibited at the National Watercolor Society International Juried Exhibition, American Watercolor Society International Juried Exhibition, West Virginia Juried Exhibition, Tamarack’s Best of West Virginia Juried Exhibition, West Virginia Watercolor Society’s Aqueous Juried Exhibition, and The River exhibition at the Parkersburg Art Center.

Romano also works in several media, watercolor, pen and ink, graphite drawing, mixed media and oil. She has taken several workshops and courses in watercolor and basic techniques to improve her skills over the years and has completed a certificate program in commercial art and graphic design.

“I love the creative process of turning an idea into a work of art that conveys a positive message to my viewers. In my portraits, I try to bring the viewer into space with the subject to capture a moment in time that people can relate to and will hopefully bring a smile.I use a limited palette of transparent watercolors to allow for clean layering and subtle variation, especially when working with skin tones », said Romano.

“Shades of Green” by Deanna Gillum. (Picture provided)

She has exhibited at the Baltimore Watercolor Society Mid-Atlantic Exhibition, the West Virginia Strawberry Festival, the Mountain State Forest Festival, and the Watercolor Society All Member Exhibit. Thanks to these exhibitions, she received Merit Awards, Queen’s Choice and Best of Show.

The watercolors and oils exhibit will be on view in October at WesBanco Bank, 415 Market St., during regular business hours of 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday .

Untitled by Judy Reed. (Picture provided)

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