Visit the big event on its last day!

ByJames I. Robertson

Apr 10, 2022

Delhi: Today is the last day of Boho Bazaar 2022, India’s largest flea market. If you haven’t visited the bazaar yet, here are the reasons to go enjoy the party today. Grab your tickets, bring your friends and family and enjoy the last day with lots of food, shopping, music and dancing-


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At Boho Bazaar 2022, there is a wide variety of things to buy. You can buy candles, baskets, perfumes and much more. Several brands have set up their stands during this great event to meet all your needs.

While eating

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Is it possible to have a flea market festival without food? Certainly not! There’s something for everyone at Boho Bazaar 2022, from juicy burgers to spicy fries. Here you can eat cakes, cookies, pizzas, kebabs and lots of things.

Camp Tinder

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Tinder brings its popular “Tinder Camp” to Boho! It’s an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded people (maybe someone special) and have a great time participating in their many exciting activities. Being at Camp Tinder is a fun and fantastic experience, which you can enjoy at Boho Bazaar!

Braided hair

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A fan of hair braiding? To elevate your look and upload a new image to Instagram, choose colorful metallic strands and beads. There are many options for braiding your hair.

Face tattoos and face painting

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Head over to Boho Bazaar today if you love face painting or want to get a face tattoo. Although the face tattoo is temporary, it will undoubtedly look like a real one. You can choose from a variety of models.

Make a beautiful manicure

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Have you ever seen those Instagram and Facebook feeds full of swoon-worthy nail art? Well! Nail art at this flea market can also make your nails look even better, for just 500 rupees.

Shopping opportunities at the Boho Bazaar


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It’s right there in the name. Boho Bazaar is a bohemian market. Women will have the choice between a wide range of colorful clothes. You can choose a cute pair of shoes, fashionable and trendy jewelry, and cute accessories.

Banjaara market

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You don’t need to travel to Gurgaon just to visit the famous Banjaara Market. Banjara market vendors are present at Boho Bazaar. So get ready to pick up stunning ceramic bowls, pretty cutlery, minimalist picture frames, beautifully carved furniture and more at this fabulous party.

You can find jazzy lampshades, brightly colored ceramic pots, soft cushions, elegant chairs, rustic lanterns, vintage metal tableware and other items that will help improve the interior design of your home. .

Products made from organic materials

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Brands known for their local produce are represented at Boho Bazaar 2022, so if you’re looking for organic produce and herbs, this flea market won’t disappoint.

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