The Palisade Art Festival showcases works of art from across the country


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo – The work of art goes beyond a brush and a canvas.

Palisade, a town known for its premier peaches and wineries, was home to something new this time around, art.

The Palisade Art Festival is not just any art exhibition, artists from across the country are handpicked to showcase their talent.

Kaytha Potts, an artist from Texas, says, “I love this area and really appreciate the beauty here as well as the wildlife. A lot of my art is based on the buffalo, the wildlife here, the wolves and I love the west and I feel so drawn to it.

Each artist has a different vision of what he creates.

Sometimes it is even designed without a brush.

Potts also said, “I had a hard time figuring out what to call it because it’s fiber art because everything is made of yarn, but I also started to incorporate the paints as well. than fabrics, so really you can also call it mixed media. “

Another aspect that art provides is a feeling of pride, some even take on the role of educators.

Jerry Locke, an artist from Arizona, says, “When I can show people what’s inside the stone and teach people, we start having a conversation and they learn and I teach. . For me it’s also an important part of being an artist, it’s getting people involved in what you do, what it is and why you are passionate about it.

Let’s ask the organizer, who happens to be an artist herself.

Tina Cunningham, the event organizer, said: “I obviously like being able to produce art, being a part of these shows, I really like talking to people, you can meet all kinds of people from all over the world. horizons. , be out for a nice weekend.

Art can be created from a simple thought.

Potts added, “There are so many different ways of making art, which is so cool with art, there is no right or wrong answer if you use the elements and the principles, you can literally do anything in art.

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