The art exhibition, Unmasked by NDSP Art Collective, is coming to SALA

ByJames I. Robertson

Jul 12, 2022

Unmasked by NDSP Art Collective is the first art exhibition of NDSP Plan Managers’ South Australian Living Artists (SALA) festival.

The NDSP exhibit features over 120 artworks produced by a group of talented disabled artists in collaboration with various support coordinators and organizations involved in the disability community. The exhibits include paintings, ceramics, jewelry, sculptures, digital art and photography.

With this year’s theme ‘Unmasked’, the exhibition is a playful juxtaposition of two spaces: the pandemic-stricken world we currently live in, which can sometimes be limited and isolated; and the creative space where people with disabilities unleash their emotions and artistic talent through the arts.

The arts play a vital role in the disability sector because they enrich a person’s life, inspire creativity and provide an opportunity to contribute to the community. The NDSP recognizes participants’ life goals and supports them in achieving those goals.

Headlining the exhibition, an award-winning visual artist Hussain Alismail with an actor, playwright and disability inclusion advocate Jamila Main. Their exciting collaboration in this new series of photos imposes a magnifying glass to examine some issues concerning urban mobility, heritage sites, disability and accessibility in one of the “so-called” most livable cities and “so-called accessible” in the world: Adelaide, South Australia.

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