Shop the Show: this NFT virtual bazaar showcases the work of 14 emerging digital artists

ByJames I. Robertson

Nov 16, 2021

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What would you like to know: New York City just wrapped up NFT.NYC, an important week of NFT and crypto related events. One of these events, however, is still ongoing in the virtual domain: Bitbasel Bazaar, hosted by the Salomon Arts Gallery in New York City, is NFT’s curated sale that aims to bring blockchain-based art into a more traditional art world. The exhibition includes the works of 14 different NFT artists.

Why we love it: The gallery ultimately sees NFTs as a way for artists to navigate difficult financial times, and has brought together artists working in a variety of styles, from photography to comic book-style aesthetics to more painterly experiences. The artists included in the show are famous artist NFT Osinachi, Stacy Engman, Espen Kluge, Martin Abrahams, Lynn Bianchi, Claudio Castillo, Bharat Dalal, Tatyana Murray and Edwina Sandys, Tom Erik Smith, Floyds Facets “Fabiello”, David “Cliff of Anxiety” O’Reilly , Julia K. Ponsford also known as “Requiem Sylo”.

What the gallery says: “The aim of this event is to bridge the gap between traditional cryptographic and digital arts and demonstrate why the use of blockchain technology will create a new way to reduce content piracy, improve royalty distribution and, above all, to democratize the oversight of digital assets, ”said Scott Spiegel. , co-founder of Bitbasel.

Browse the works in the exhibition below.

Lynn bianchi
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Lynn Bianchi, Untitled. Courtesy of Bitbasel Bazaar.

Stacy engman
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Stacy Engman, ARROYALTY.  Courtesy of Bitbasel Bazaar.

Stacy Engman, ARROYALTY. Courtesy of Bitbasel Bazaar.

Martin abrahams
Fire Monster (TNF)
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Martin Abrahams, Monster Fire.  Courtesy of Bitbasel Bazaar.

Martin Abrahams, Fire Monster. Courtesy of Bitbasel Bazaar.

Claudio Castillo
[email protected] (2021)
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Claudio Castillo, FLORIDA @ 5 (2021).  Courtesy of Bitbasel Bazaar.

Claudio Castillo, [email protected] (2021). Courtesy of Bitbasel Bazaar.

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