“I can do what I want and wear what I want”

ByJames I. Robertson

Aug 16, 2022

Bad Bunny is in its authentic era.

In an interview with Harper’s BazaartheThe “Party” singer opened up about his decision to wear dresses, revealing the choice was about his sense of self, not sartorial attention.

“I’m not doing it to get more famous or to get attention or disrespect anyone. People on the outside may think I have a strategy or I’m wearing this to get attention. , but really I just know who I am,” the artist says.

The Puerto Rican native, born Benito Antonio Martínez, can trace his fascination with women’s clothing to his childhood.

“I always remember seeing the women’s clothing pieces and they always fit me so much better and they had so much variety,” he said.

However, as we got older, the societal implications associated with difficult gender binaries became evident.

“Obviously as you get older you start to see what the world shows you and if I lived my life that way I couldn’t dress the way I really want to,” he said, adding that mainstream success gave him the freedom to explore his style to the fullest.

“Up to a point, fame and where I am give me the confidence to do all of these things,” he said.

On the heels of massive professional success, topping records left and right, the rapper and singer fully embraces the room for textile expansion his career has afforded him.

“I’m taking this time in my life where I can do what I want and wear what I want, to live my life more authentically,” Bad Bunny said.

His platform has allowed him to dress in a way he connects with, which is just one of the many ways he’s become himself after achieving once-in-a-lifetime stardom. a state of mind in which he had to grow up.

“Maybe at the very beginning of my career I tried to pretend to be someone I’m not, but I learned that’s how artists get lost, c It’s because they forget themselves – themselves as a person – and invent a fictional personality,” he said.

Sell-out shows and chart-topping hits come with expected niceties, but for Bad Bunny, being able to do and wear what he wants reigns supreme.

“My goal will be to do things that I enjoy, never to be a billionaire or whatever. If I don’t feel passionate about something, then I won’t do it, no matter how much it is,” he said. he declared. .

“But, hey,” he added, “if we get to a billion one day, then we get to a billion.”

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