Creators of Booming Uptown Night to Launch Harlem Bazaar This Spring

ByJames I. Robertson

Apr 15, 2022

Photos courtesy of Harlem Bazaar

From the creators of Uptown Night Market and Bronx Night Market comes their latest series, Harlem Bazaar, on May 20.

This monthly event will feature over 50 vendors ranging from unique clothing, handcrafted jewelry, food, and more. The bazaar will take place every third Friday of the month, giving New Yorkers the opportunity to purchase a variety of unique products and be part of something bigger.

This series of events will aim to support major entrepreneurs in the boroughs and these micro-enterprises by offering fun and affordable experiences. Their goal is simple: they want all people – from all walks of life – to experience great food in a fun, engaging and entertaining way.

Harlem Bazaar will also host live music performances, which will appeal to those who live locally and travelers from areas like Washington Heights.

“The idea for Harlem Bazaar began during the pandemic when we saw a 400% increase in business applications based on commerce, arts and culture, fashion and personal care – primarily by female entrepreneurs. ” Marco Shalma, founder of Harlem Bazaar and CEO of MASC Hospitality Group, said. “The team and I knew we couldn’t fit all of these amazing creative ventures into our Uptown Night Market or Bronx Night Market, which are primarily known for being food festivals. So when the state square – right in center of the 125th – became an option, we all knew what we had to do. This is going to be the biggest creative flex in New York. Fingers in the nose.”

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