Beginning of the international street arts festival in Sibiu

ByJames I. Robertson

Jul 18, 2022

The eighth edition of Sibiu International Street Arts Festival (SISAF) begins today, July 18, in Sibiu, central Romania. Artists from Argentina. Austria, France, Malta, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Romania participate in the festival.

The event, which runs until July 24, aims to bring this art form closer to the inhabitants of the city and to new areas of Sibiu. Several apartment buildings in Calea Cisnădiei neighborhood and Ștrand neighborhood have been added to the festival circuit this year.

As part of the festival, seven selected artists work every day on the design of the works they submit to the event.

Argentinian artist Dossier’s work will be produced in a building at 17 Calea Cisnădiei. The painting aims to capture “two key characters – mother nature and an environmentally conscious daughter”. In the same space, 84 and 86 A Calea Cisnădiei, artists Tim Marsh (Malta) and Theo Lopez (France) will design works evoking the theme of the festival. Lopez works on a mural “in his abstract style, based on geometric patterns, straight lines and optical effects”, while Marsh “uses geometric lines and contrasting colors to capture the reflection of the universe in the future, if people continue to pollute and destroy nature.”

Portuguese artist Francisco Camilo returns to SISAF after five years with a mural designed “as a representation of the thoughts and existential questions in the mind of an adolescent”. The work is designed on a block of flats in the Ștrand district (1A Prof. Ioan Moga St.).

Meanwhile, Czech artist Maria Makeeva will design her work on a wall in Secondary School No. 4, in a Czech Center project occasioned by the Czech Republic taking over the EU Council Presidency.

The artist HNRX, born in Austria, will work on a wall of the thermal power plant of Aleea Biruinței, while the artist Sibiu Graflin’ will conceive on Huet square an installation made of colored ropes.

Works made at this year’s festival will add to the city’s street art gallery, which currently covers 50 locations and 106 murals.

The festival program also includes the photo exhibition #Reflections by photographer Octavian Pavel. The photos are on display at Place Huet until July 24.

The same venue hosts Street Art Talks, a series of conversations about the world of street art, sources of inspiration and the creative process.

A City Hunt is scheduled for Place Huet on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 July. The square also hosts live painting sessions on Friday and Saturday and an After Party on Friday.

The public is invited to the Sibiu Street Art Tour on Sunday July 24. The bike tour takes the public to the locations where this year’s works were created.

(Photos courtesy of Sibiu International Street Arts Festival)

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