Bazaar for women, by women

ByJames I. Robertson

Jul 8, 2022
By Saumyangi Yadav

The townspeople had a great time at this special weekend bazaar at City of Benson it was about inclusivity, women’s empowerment and voice for

There was a spirit of inclusivity and empowerment at a weekend bazaar held in Benson Town on July 2-3. Although such bazaars for and by artisans are common in the cities region, this event was organized to give women-led businesses a boost. , a welcome move in these turbulent financial times.

About 40 women entrepreneurs and craftspeople exhibited their handicrafts at this special weekend market on Munimarappa Road, organized by under the mango treea community center for women entrepreneurs in bangalore in association with We cana non-profit organization in Bangalore.

A number of stalls ranging from foods like spices, nachos, pickles, sourdough crackers and bread to other handmade items like jewelry, hand painted coasters, soft toys, games, crochet decorations, etc. were available at the weekend market. Almost all of them were made by women from Bangalore and neighboring villages.

Prerna Selma Ponnappa, co-founder of Beneath the Mango Tree, said the two-day event was organized to give a platform to these women-led small businesses.

“Many women from underprivileged backgrounds also took part in the event. This platform gives them a chance to sell their products and find a way to be financially independent as well,” she added.

A female entrepreneur said that most of the handmade items were kept by villages in nearby villages. “These items are mainly made by the villagers; 90% of them were made by women. The profits will go to them, helping them to be more independent and teaching them a path to financial independence.

Artisans from nearby villages made most of the items for sale; treats ranging from delicious snacks to handmade items and home decor were on display

Promote women’s financial independence, Sarvagna Skill development center, NGO in Bangalore, started training women from underprivileged strata in various types of arts and crafts. This training is free and accessible to all.

Khursheeda, a crafts teacher at the NGO, said: “We teach women various things like crocheting, knitting, etc. that help them create assets and earn money. Usually, these women are unemployed, which paves the way for them to financial independence.

These items are mostly crafted by villagers; 90% of them were made by women. Profits will go to them, helping them to be more independent

-an entrepreneur

The organization also provides training in skills such as data management, programming, etc. to young boys and girls in order to offer them better career opportunities.

Many women from the NGO were present at the event, exhibiting their creations.

Many people visited the stands set up by these women entrepreneurs over the weekend. “The turnout was much better than we expected. We hope this will further motivate these women to achieve financial independence,” Prerna added.

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