“Bacteria Bazaar” Celebrates Fermented Foods with Workshops in Hamilton

ByJames I. Robertson

Sep 12, 2021

HAMILTON – Sourdough bread was the best googled recipe in 2020, bringing many of us closer to the art of fermented foods.

A new local festival aims to support this burgeoning interest.

When Angi Hronek, owner of Blue Coyote Farm, met Erin Belmont, owner of House of Ferments, at the farmer’s market, they had no idea that their friendship and shared love for fermented foods would lead them to co-host the Bacteria Bazaar of this weekend in Hamilton.

“We had heard several people say that they didn’t feel comfortable fermenting at home, thought they didn’t know how to do it or that it was too complicated. And so we wanted to help people with it. learn it’s pretty simple and fun and just help them give them the skills to do it at home, ”Hronek explained.

But after noticing an increase in community interest in DIY foods like kombucha, cheese, and sauerkraut, Angi and Erin joined forces to plan a weekend of workshops. The “Bacteria Bazaar” sold 260 tickets and was held at Rocky Mountain Grange, a venue that has historically supported small family farms in Hamilton.

Keynote speaker and food writer Sandor Katz taught about the ancient techniques that bring us cider, yogurt, pickles and other fermented treats.

Other workshops included making cheese and kombucha with a variety of presenters.

Bazaar organizers told MTN News that with the success of the very first event and interest from the community, they plan to hold a second festival next year.

For more information, visit their website.

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