April Art Festival is a success

ByJames I. Robertson

Apr 22, 2022

Courtesy photo Deanna Clausen with her painting which was used for the poster promoting the festival this year.

Catalina Art Association will open a retail store on April 30

This year’s arts and crafts festival turned out to be a great weekend, according to the Catalina Art Association. The organizers had more than 35 booths of talented artists.

The event also featured a few participating local organizations to help make the festival a success. Kids At Play had a craft and game booth to provide kids with more fun activities.

The Humane Society held many fun raffles to raise funds for all the kittens in our shelter who needed care. Catalina Woman’s Forum was there to promote their upcoming wine festival, which will be held during the art festival from September 16-17.

Rotary was there to raise funds for Ukraine. The Friends of the Library had their mobile book to distribute books and crafts. Most of the performers on this show were locals and included a few performers from the West End of the island. The gallery located in the US Bank is where the Catalina Art Association showcases its artists.

Beginning April 30, CAA will open Catalina Craft Corner in the plaza of the former Hen House store visit. This will be the CAA retail store where all member artists can show and sell their work. The association will relaunch the Paint Nights in May.

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April Art Festival is a success

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