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ByJames I. Robertson

Jul 29, 2022

Afrobeatniks and folklorico ballet dancers rock North Main Avenue

Afrobeatniks jam on stage during Animas City Night Bazaar’s Bazaar-BQ. (Tyler Brown/Durango Herald)

Animas City Night Bazaar returned Wednesday with its “Bazaar-BQ” celebration at Union Social House and Aesthetics and Wellness.

There were garden games, face painting, and several food vendors, including Heavy Burger Food Truck, MISABEL Tamales y Mas, and the Union Social House Taco Special.

“This one was a softer arrangement,” said Hayley Kirkman, marketing manager for Animas City Night Bazaar. “We just wanted people to hang out and eat good food.”

Trevor Lytle said the event was heavily inspired by the North Main Event, which was a block party held on North Main Avenue. Lytle was responsible for creating a poster board for the event asking: What do you love about Animas City? And what would you like to see in Animas City?

“People mostly responded with ease of walking, relationships with neighbors — you know, more art, more vendors, more places to eat,” Lytle said.

Performances were held at the Union Social House with dancers from Fort Lewis College’s Ballet Folklorico and Afrobeatniks, a group inspired by the spiritual music of Africa.

Fort Lewis College Ballet Folklorico Dancers perform traditional Mexican folk dances at Bazaar-BQ. (Tyler Brown/Durango Herald)

“Giving North Main access to what you could usually only find on the grid in terms of events is a great way to bring Animas City its own little block party,” said Jeff Hamner, Board member of ACNB.

In the Aesthetics and Wellness parking lot, artists showed off their work and some sold handmade jewelry while listening to the sounds of DJ Cristen Alexandria.

Bazaar-BQ was the second event of Animas City Night Bazaar, which takes place on the last Wednesday of the month from June to September. The previous event was “Living Art” sponsored by Cream Bean Berry.

Heavy Burger, a Farmington food truck, was one of the few dining options at Bazaar-BQ on Wednesday night. (Tyler Brown/Durango Herald)

“We had the live art bazaar, and it was super fun and super colorful,” Hamner said. “At the Union Social House we had a drag show. And they were like made to the fullest and were able to share and express their art form.

The next events will be “Weird Science” sponsored by Sage Fresh Eats on August 31, followed by the “Animas Olympic Games” on September 28.

The Animas Olympics will include a skateboarding competition, roller derby and a table tennis tournament. The new Mountain Middle School site will host some of Animas’ Olympic Games events.

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