5 wonderful things to see at the Brisbane Street Art Festival 2022

ByJames I. Robertson

Apr 26, 2022


The Brisbane Street Art Festival returns in 2022. It is one of the largest street art festivals in the country, continuing to provide opportunities for development and collaboration.

In 2022, BSAF will introduce Superordinary Northshore – an immersive arts district serving as the central hub for the festival. It is here that participants will be able to attend the largest program of events and workshops ever organized, alongside the program of murals.

The murals programme, featuring 50 live murals and public installations, will welcome artists from around the world (for the first time since 2019!) and across the country, revitalizing some of Brisbane’s most iconic locations, with art public art.

Here, the Brisbane Street Art Festival team list five wonderful things to see throughout this year’s event.


Live public exhibition of murals for Iñigo Sesma – International Artist from Spain. International artists return to the BSAF for the first time since 2019, adding their cultural spice to the concrete jungle of Brisbane during the two-week festival. Iñigo Sesma will fly from Spain to join us in Brisbane having recently completed large scale murals in the US, Greece, Croatia and Spain. Born in San Sebastián, in the Basque Country, Sesma studied fine arts at the University of Barcelona and obtained a master’s degree in painting in Bilbao. He lived in New York for two years while doing an Art Postgraduate before moving to San Sebastian where he now shares a studio with other artists. His experiences have allowed him to develop a style of sincere portraits of people he meets, surrounded by an urban landscape reflecting the journeys he takes. He will paint at 100 Abbotsford Road, Albion and his public viewing time is Sunday, May 22, 10am-2pm. Check out her work on Instagram at @issesma.

Of them

Live public exhibition of a mural by artist Tori-Jay Mordey. Tori-Jay Mordey is an Indigenous Australian illustrator and artist currently based in Brisbane. Over the years, Tori-Jay has honed her skills in digital illustrations, drawing, painting, printmaking and filmmaking while expanding her skills as a mural artist. Much of her work revolves around human connection and exploring one’s racial identity. In his illustration work, Tori-Jay often combines stylistic cartoons with realism to help capture the complexity of our emotions; distort and exaggerate the characters in a way that helps express and expose their vulnerabilities. Tori’s mural is one of 12 activations for Superordinary Northshore, the central hub of the 2022 BSAF program. program artist lectures and workshops. Watch Tori paint live at Maritime Green Park, 221 MacArthur Avenue, Northshore.
Public broadcast times:
Saturday May 7, 2-6 p.m.
Saturday May 21, 2-6 p.m.
See her work on Instagram at @tori_jyeay.

Tori Jay BSAF2022


Now Is Nigh (BSAF x Yonder Party). There are few times and places in life when the unimaginable really happens; and in those moments, those precious rare examples, where reality drifts and fantasy sets in, that’s where Over There exists. Now Is Nigh offers a way down the rabbit hole for just one night in the first time Yonder reinvents the immersive experience in an industrial downtown location. The first Warehouse Party presented by Yonder will mark the end of two incredible weeks of BSAF events, murals, exhibits and showcases. In this first episode, we embrace the moment and incite the weird and the wonderful. Now Is Nigh will transform Superordinary into a wonderland with live music, exhibits and live performances. Join us as we send BSAF 2022 to Superordinary Northshore and treat yourself to a celebration of South East Queensland musical and artistic talent. Let Now Is Nigh deliver the unconventional, the weird and the eclectic.

Line up:
Bsharri بشري
Efendi Chakra
water dance
Desmond cheese
DJ: Jaia & Liav
life on earth
Old house
Ruckus Slam
Sacred Hearts
thunder theater
UQ Taiko
Voice of color: LYDiE
Voice of color: Rura

Now is near BSAF


Tools of the Trade by HKwalls Exhibition (from Hong Kong). Artists aren’t the only festivals importing this year. BSAF will host the HKwalls Tools of the Trade exhibition at Superordinary Northshore, directly from the bustle of Hong Kong. This free exhibition showcases the history of street art and graffiti through the lens of the tools artists use to create their work. It highlights the ingenuity and inventiveness of artists by emphasizing the techniques and tools that allowed them to produce their best works before commercial companies created products just for artists. From the first stencils and spray cans to the introduction and integration of complex and modern technologies, this exhibition offers a rare and incredibly diverse insight into the practical demands of street art. Tools of the Trade documents the tools, traditions and techniques that have facilitated the work of street artists over the past 70 years.
Sunday May 8-Sunday May 22
Opening: Saturday, May 7, from 5 p.m. to LATE
Monday-Friday: 4 p.m.-8 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday: 1 p.m.-8 p.m.


Masterclass on aerosols. We are proud to present a workshop program offering at Superordinary Northshore that has more than doubled since the previous year. We invite audiences of all ages and backgrounds to get involved and express themselves creatively through more than 20 workshops. From Yarn Bombing to an introduction to Tufting, there’s something for everyone! Aerosol Masterclass, in particular, lets these join aerosol masters Gus Eagleton, Shmick & Smalls as their workshops guide you through collaborative group wall work, revealing their best-kept tagging secrets, spraying and developing concept artwork. Skill won’t be the only victory gained in this workshop, get an overview of the range of cans on the market, the variety of caps, working with different surfaces, and much more. Limited places available.
Sunday May 8, Saturday May 14, Sunday May 15
12 p.m.-2 p.m.

Masterclass on aerosols

The Brisbane Street Art Festival 2022 runs from May 7-22.

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