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The RSS feed from keeps you up to date on the latest news around insurance and consumer protection. You can subscribe to it for free within a few seconds. If you are only interested in a specific topic, you can now even opt for this topic feed.

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Do not miss any news!

What’s new about private retirement provision? Which current tests have appeared for investment? When do new laws come into force that better protect me as a consumer? If you want to inform yourself about insurance, finances and consumer protection, you have the opportunity to visit corresponding websites every day and to scour newspapers. This takes time and not always something exciting is there. Much faster and easier to keep up to date with the RSS feed from Here you will find all relevant news from our editorial team, no matter if new test, new law or new reform.

Choose your favorite feed

 Choose your favorite feed

You have the choice between different RSS feeds. Do you want to know only the latest about life insurance? No problem, just subscribe to the corresponding feed for free. You are spoiled for choice. Of course, you can also just opt ​​for the general feed, which will inform you on all topics.

  • rss feeds All the top news
  • rss feeds retirement
  • rss feeds Construction Financing
  • rss feeds Disability insurance
  • rss feeds Investment and finances
  • rss feeds Statutory Health Insurance
  • rss feeds insurance
  • rss feeds Liability insurance
  • rss feeds Car insurance
  • rss feeds health insurance
  • rss feeds life insurance
  • rss feeds care insurance
  • rss feeds Riester pension
  • rss feeds consumer protection
  • rss feeds Apartment and house

How can I subscribe to the RSS Feeds of

 How can I subscribe to the RSS Feeds of

Just click on the topic you want to be informed about. In general, all popular browsers support the display of the feed. Only Google Chrome requires an extension. You can also subscribe to the topic feed using an RSS reader such as Feedreader or other alternatives. Regardless of the browser, you will be updated there with the news.

After clicking on the topic feed, all you have to do is decide whether you want to bookmark the feed or subscribe to it with a corresponding program. If you have your own website, you can also integrate our news in the form of the Newsbox on your website. This has some advantages for you and your visitors. Do not miss anything and keep up to date with the RSS feeds from

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